Artistic Direction

I’ve been an artist and oil painter for 25 years and rarely a day goes by when I don’t feel the urge to create something. I love the smell of oil paints when I first come into the studio. There are times when I’m so excited by a piece I’m working on that the idea of eating seems a necessary chore rather than an enjoyable event. And there’s nothing more disappointing than having to stop when I’m on a roll.

Currently, my works explore colorful scenes packed with forms that attempt to convey the mysterious, exciting, and bizarre. Imparting unity to these works is experimentation in varying degrees with broad, visible brush strokes, unusual figural and spatial distortions, a wide range of colors, and simple, gestural forms. The majority focus on people (and sometimes animals) engaged in varying activities. There is an organic, playful quality to the forms. Rarely will you see a straight line. The main activity is usually close to the picture plane and the background is pressed up behind the figures. Almost always there is an attempt to create a flowing motion across the picture plane and from front to back.

At the moment, I’m very happy with the style and content of my work. It’s playful, colorful, sometimes provocative but generally upbeat. But I also know I won’t stay here for too long. I’m always aware of my need to break through to a new and more challenging level of discovery, to mature to a higher level of artistic awareness.

I have rarely altered my artistic direction to pay my bills or to appease critics. I accept constructive criticism and I am open to new ideas but I resist changing my direction simply because someone does not like what I am doing or it does not produce sales.

A girlfriend of mine once asked me what was most important for me in life. I thought for a bit and (risking her disappointment at my answer not being “our togetherness”) said that the most important thing was to express my artistic energy, to see who I am and who I will become through creative expression. I hope you enjoy the end results as much as I do.

For a more indepth understanding of my work, click here to download the PDiianni-ArtisticDevelopment.pdf. Thanks for visiting.